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#254 – So we’ll move

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Argh. My nose is so stuffed up.

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  1. Sadie Says:

    I love Maria all wrapped up in her duvet, so cute!

  2. Fodali Says:

    Looks like it’s cold and Johan is naked!

  3. Hillary Says:

    Poor Maria, all conflicted interests like :(
    ps…I love that book. Douglas Coupland is a cutie <3

  4. Tara Says:

    I’m really getting a kick out of the fact that Johan enjoys his nakedness so much. Though lots of guys I know will sleep naked, not many of them also play guitar that way. Guess he just likes to be free. :)

  5. Robin Says:

    Oohh is that Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland??
    Not a bad choice, Bjorn!

  6. MissMariMack Says:

    Bonus points for Coupland references <3 – Anyone who hasn’t read him should.

    New book coming out soon too =)

  7. d Says:

    why is everybody calling Bjorn “Johan”? :/

  8. Z. Says:

    d: i suppose everyone unconciously wants some incest sex.

    I’m glad it’s back, the last week without new stuff was a torture ;)

  9. John K Says:

    I love that Bjorn is always naked at home!

  10. Timothy Says:

    Love Douglas Coupland!!

  11. Perf Says:

    Just out of interest, whats with the Finnish flag, its been a couple of months since i last read this and I was wondering if ive forgotten about a Finnish connection?

  12. NF Says:

    I get the feeling that this is leading up to the disintegration of Maria and Bjorn’s relationship.

  13. Bonya Says:

    …why the Finnish flag?

  14. Mari Says:

    she’s in the duvet because she’s pissed haha. =]
    beautiful work, as always!

  15. Nicole Says:

    Keep it up, Rene! You make my life! <3

  16. Greensis Says:

    @Perf. I figured with a last name like Suova, Bjorn would be ethnic Finnish-Swedish (that’s a minority group in Norrland), not an immigrant from Finland.

  17. Kitten Says:

    Bjorn is kind of a douche right now.

  18. Rei Says:

    While he may have his own interests in mind, he also is looking out for Maria. He doesn’t want a kid obviously, but I think he knows that Maria IS too young and he believes in her talents as an artists and wants her to have something better than the small town life.
    I don’t think he’s being a douche, in fact I think he’s being rather noble in an odd way. He’s not kicking her out, he’s showing her that there’s more options for her life.

    Really, Bjorn is supporting Maria. Sure, there’s some selfishness to it, but I think that ultimately he wants what’s best for her too.

  19. Deb Says:

    I like that this same conversation took place at the beginning of the comic but between maria and anders

  20. Randall Drew Says:

    Ahh…It’s situations like this that put a lot of people on the fence about these issues. You’re really amping it up!

  21. posthippyprincess Says:

    @ Rei

    Yeah, but he doesn’t realize that he is trying to get her to “pull a Tina” and get an abortion and being anything like Tina is the last thing she wants.
    Of course it might be best for her, but Björn is ignoring her emotional background in that matter. He makes things too simple.

  22. Harlot Says:

    Everyone has a breaking point – obviously we’re all aware of Maria’s emotional background but at the same time she is being incredibly difficult – not in the idea that she doesn’t want an abortion, but that she assumes Bjorn is sabotaging her. I’d like to think his intention in finishing her Konstfack piece wasn’t so that she’d get an abortion. He may not want the kid but it appears he’s already committed to sticking around/actually cares (remark about the place not being big enough). I don’t think he hopes to illicit an abortion by encouraging her to pursue a life outside of their dinky town.

  23. Q Says:

    So Bjorn is in effect responsible for Maria meeting Anders!

  24. Christi Says:


    Maybe Bjorn doesn’t know about the whole ‘Tina abortion’ fiasco. I mean, the Holm siblings aren’t really the ‘talk about yourself’ type of people considering Anders doesn’t know that Maria was pregnant long before she met him and also the incident that lead up to Anders eventual cheating on Maria. Not that I think if she really explained herself he would have listened and not brush her feelings, of course.

  25. Jen Says:

    My favorite authur referenced in my favorite webcomic. yay!

  26. Kileycakes Says:

    It seems to me that Bjorn doesn’t want to have a real conversation about this.
    He appears to be one of the many guys with Peter Pan complex.

  27. Ellers Says:

    Getting into that school was Maria’s dream. While many seem to think Bjorn is doing something to ‘get out of growing up/having a baby’ I think he’s doing the right thing by at least making her go to the interview.

    At this point Maria is still very emotionally immature it seems…hell, I think the whole comic she has been defined by emotionally striking out without thinking. She is still a kid herself, I don’t think being a mother would’ve been best for her.

  28. Squeaker Says:

    Nuuu! D: Tissues, Rene! Hot water in a bowl with a towel. ó.o helps to unblock.

    I fear that there may be an explosive reply from Maria on the next comic. > . <
    or the complete opposite-tears.

  29. Stef Says:

    Omg, does this mean that Björn is speaking with the finland-sweden-dialect?
    I’m trying to imaginate every conversation between him and Maria in finlandsvenska / norrländska now.

  30. Alley Says:

    Oh man. I feel like an idiot. But i`m so confused. Is it Bjorn`s kid? Is this a flash back to when he got Maria pregnant? Or is this still Ander`s child in the present? Oh man. I`m lost. Hahah

  31. Stacy Says:

    I think a lot of her resentment is from him going behind her back to make a submission to Konfstack (which I am fairly certain I just misspelled). She had just come to terms with destroying her last portfolio piece, insuring her rejection from the school, by way of starting a family. That in turn probably has issues stemming from her own childhood. Then she finds out Bjorn altered her work , and in a way that pokes fun of the supposed weirdos in charge. Now, she will never know if she would have gotten in on her own merits, whether he is trying to pawn her off, and is also facing a sort of family destruction. Then again, I probably just spend too much time analyzing fictional web characters.

  32. Taryn Says:

    I know lots of people who play guitar naked; My BF does (bass anyway). My ex boyfriend does, I have in the past…. The red hot chilipeppers where famous for it in the early 90′s.

  33. Katarina Says:

    What I find most amazing is how much this conversation matches #002′s conversation with Anders, and its a direct contrast of how much Maria has matured over time. Good character development, Rene!

  34. tri Says:

    So the comic has come full circle. (comic two)

    You can tell this comic has been a work in progress since day one.

  35. Darcy Says:

    Maria’s a cutie. And yeah, extra points for those Canadian books :)

  36. Fred Says:

    I like the connection with the very beginning. Well done.

  37. Laura Says:

    Love the Finnish flag in the background! hyvä Suomi! heh heh (which I guess is hypocritical, since I’ve lived in the US my entire life…)

  38. Kate Says:

    why does everyone assume that it’s either an abortion or giving up college? School AND having a kid isn’t feasible for Maria, but don’t they have adoption agencies in Sweden?
    Maria wouldn’t have to kill the baby- in fact she would quite possibly be giving the kid a much better life than if she tried to raise it- and she wouldn’t have to give up on HER life, either.
    BAM! comic over. ;) Just kidding.

    :) Get well soon, Rene. I assume you’re going to do something crazy and awesome with the plot that no one’s thought of and will blow all our little minds.

  39. Kate Says:

    I’m torn between expecting aliens and a celebrity adoption.

  40. Emily Says:

    Why is Bjorn always naked?

  41. Heather Says:

    I have the feeling that the incident of “drunk sex can happen to anyone” that Maria mentioned to Anders previously at the party is going to find its way into this flashback period…

    I hope I’m wrong for Bjorn’s sake

  42. cuddi Says:

    I just realized this is pretty much the same conversation that Anders and Maria have at the beginning of the comic.

  43. Shannon Young Says:

    LOVE that this page is exactly like what Anders was saying at the beginning!

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