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#239 – Cat’s cradle

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Ugh. No time. :/ Here is the pencil’s for Friday’s comic. I will try add colours this weekend!

See you Monday!

30 Responses to “#239 – Cat’s cradle”

  1. Xa Xa Xa Says:

    Maria looks so adorable!

  2. Andy Says:

    She is so cute in the second last panel.

  3. Libby Says:

    Ohhh, goodness. My sister and her boyfriend did something along those lines too….

  4. theshortcake Says:

    do they give you nitrous oxide for labor (in Sweden)? i didn’t get nitrous (in usa)… if its not nitrous what is it in the comic? straight oxygen won’t get you loopy like that….??

  5. KattyKat13 Says:

    Hm. I know straight oxygen can kind of give you a rush if that’s all you inhale. We’re used to breathing it in mixed with all other sorts of stuff, so if it’s PURE oxygen it can expand your blood vessels and give you sort of a weird temporary high…

    Also, I’m so glad Anders kind of sees things in perspective here!! He’s not always a prick! :D :D

  6. qman Says:

    Actually, straight oxygen will get you high. Normal air is over 90% nitrogen.

  7. dreamland Says:

    I love that they are playing Cat’s Cradle!
    And that Anders totally screwed it up.

    Maria is just adorable.

  8. rems Says:

    Johan’s being nice!

  9. Greensis Says:

    Yep, nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen is the first choice for labour here (been there, done that). Maria also has those little electrical muscle-stimulating pads on her baby-belly. TENS-pads?

    I also like how Anders’ yarn in cat’s cradle simply inravels – a picture of his life at present.

  10. Jae Says:

    It’s fine without colour~ Your artwork is always so beautiful! Maria’s so cute in the last two panels ^-^

  11. Nikki Says:

    Donald Duck as Darth Vader, FTW. :D

  12. Bekka Says:

    ohmygod xD they’re like…HIGH or something xDD Sillies :33

  13. Robbie Says:

    Love it without the colour…. keep it that way

  14. TurboPhoenix Says:

    I’ve spent too much time reading Jeph’s comics, I thought they were drunk because of the little circles near their heads! I don’t mind the lack of colour, it’s just as good ^_^

  15. Tom Says:

    This comic makes me sad, but I don’t know why…

    Bjorn’s blank pupils make him look really high! (Rhyme unintended)

  16. Mai Says:

    … and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love Björn. xD

  17. Mariana Says:

    I want to hug every one of them in this one <3

  18. theshortcake Says:

    thank you for answering my question!

  19. Jacob Says:

    a 50% mix is what is in the oxygen masks on planes. PURE oxygen would cause serious damage to your lungs. like chemically burning them.

  20. sherbet Says:

    I think the metaphor of Anders coming up with an empty/broken “cradle” is quite powerful.

    I know Maria is not going to end up with Bjorn, but I really want her to. =\ They’re so much better together than Maria and Anders.

  21. Lizzeh Says:

    It looks great without color! It’s because the background isn’t total white, which is nice. I like the mixed look of your drawings, they are fabulous :) Keep it up, I’m such a huge fan!

  22. Jeni Says:

    Ah, gas and air, that mainstay of labour relief. And I thought the things on Maria’s belly were those contraction-monitoring things, not TENS stickies (which usually go on your back, don’t they?)

    Great comic, Rene!

  23. claudia Says:

    if there was a johan plushie, i would buy one and take it with me everywhere.

  24. lauren Says:

    You draw the loveliest hands.

  25. Renee Says:

    I love those last two panels. It’s good that Bjorn is there to lighten up the mood.

  26. Chloe Says:

    I have fallen for Johan. You know, webcomic love. I’ve always liked him, but now…He’s awesomely awesome, especially when he’s kind. Very good comic, by the way.

  27. AA Says:

    Something about the way the “ha ha ha’s” and the little circles of happy nitrous are drawn make me actually hear them giggling all high pitched and mildly delirious.

    This is my favourite for this piece of the story. What great work! (and colours schmoulous – it looks fabulous! I love that the style of the comic has evolved and changed with experimentation or lack of time or whatever event causes a change. The differences are as much a part of the comic as your overall drawing style.)

  28. Randall Drew Says:

    Ohh…it’s hard to decide whether I feel sad for Anders right now or not. Hope you get it colored soon!

  29. Genevieve Says:

    Awww… wasn’t this ripped directly from Rene’s real life?! (Well, the last bit.) Or am I the only one who remembers that?

    Nitrous is awesome.

  30. sherbet Says:

    I hope you are still going to color this. I would really like to see it in color.

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